Clean Energy Australasia Pty Ltd (CEA) was founded in November 2006 with the goal of commercial generation of clean, sustainable base-load electricity using the natural geothermal heat flow from hot rocks and hot sedimentary aquifers .

CEA comprises a strong team of geoscientists, engineers and business professionals with over 200 years experience in managing the exploration and development of oil and gas projects, power generation and geothermal projects.

CEA has secured tenements in South Australia and Queensland in areas where hot rocks and hot sedimentary aquifers are located relatively close to the Earth's surface. This tenement acquisition philosophy is predicated on minimising technical risk, maximising adaptation of conventional petroleum technology; and enhancing the prospects for competitive base-load geothermal power generation.

Globally, base-load geothermal power generation is an established industry that is reliable, safe and competitive with more that 100 years of history and more that 10,000 megawatts of installed capacity.

CEA's is pursuing development of price competitive base-load geothermal electricity for regional and remote communities, mines and petroleum facilities at off-grid and end-of-grid locations. Local base-load geothermal power at these locations potentially is highly competitive compared to existing fossil fuel based local generation such as diesel, and remote coal based generation that carries the burden of transmission costs and losses.

                                                                                                                                       Mungerannie Bore Lake | Photo: Joe Reichman